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Although Polycystic kidney Disease (PKD) causes pain and suffering to millions around the globe  - with the first case dating as far back to the death of the King of Poland in 1586 - awareness and therefore understanding of the disease is still very low. We want to change that.

PKD Voices features the tragic as well as triumphant stories of those who live with PKD: men, women, and children, each with a unique experience to share. If you’ve a story to tell please do get in touch here.

Stephen's story

Stephen, a sports mad grandfather and gold medallist from Bishops Lydeard, shares his story on the 25th anniversary of his kidney transplant! 

Sue and Helen

Sue and Helen

Sue Norris is taking on the Jurassic Coast Marathon Challenge, a 42KM walking event along the Dorset coast, this May. She is taking part and fundraising for PKD Charity in memory of her sister Helen.

Rob Blagden

Rob's Story

Rob Blagden from Gloucester is taking part in his first ever half marathon this year in support of PKD Charity following a kidney transplant in 2015.

Luke's story

It's every parent's worst nightmare to have a poorly child. For Tori and Carl Amos, when 11-week-old Luke began to scream and turn blue while playing happily in his rocker one day, they were suddenly faced with a very different future to the one they’d envisaged. 

Lindsey and Richard

Lindsey, a 30 year-old wife and mum shares her heartbreak and fears for the future after her husband - who she met when she was only 15 - was suddenly diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease.

Lynette Pickett and Nicky Baker

Lynnette Pickett and Nicky Baker

Sisters Lynnette Pickett and Nicky Baker took part in both the 2021 London Landmarks Half Marathon and the London Marathon, raising over £4,000!

Bill, Rob and John

Bill, Rob and John

Former BBC Scotland presenter and journalist Bill Whiteford tells the unique story of how he and his brothers came to receive kidneys from living donors... by 3 different routes... within 3 years of each other!

James and Josh


The number of living organ donors in the UK has trebled over the last 20 years, with Kidneys accounting for 98% of living organ donations in 2019/20. Here, 34 year old James Hayley explains how logic - as well as a lifetime bond - led him to donate a kidney to best friend, Josh. 

Justin and Josh

It’s common for family members with PKD to have shared experiences, but no one could have predicted that brothers Justin and Josh would end up having kidney transplants, at the same hospital, within days of each other.

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