About 70,000 adults and children in the UK may have Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD - life-threatening inherited conditions that can cause renal (kidney) failure and affect other organs in the body.

We support those affected, their families and carers. We raise awareness and fund research.

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Organ Donation Law in England is Changing

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The Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill passed its final stage in Parliament (26 February)

The Bill is expected to become law in Spring 2020. From then, all adults over 18 in England will be considered as a possible organ donor when they die, unless they choose to opt out or are excluded. This is commonly referred to as an ‘opt out’ system.

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Baby Ethan


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Laura’s Story

“From the moment Ethan arrived,” Laura remembers, “we were in love with our perfect little boy. But within a couple of weeks, the doctor noticed his tummy was larger than normal. An ultrasound showed he had large kidneys. They sent him to a specialist hospital where he was diagnosed with ARPKD.”

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Taylor Richards - ARPKD PhD student

I am excited to have been awarded a PhD studentship, co-funded by the PKD charity and I can’t wait to start working on this 3-year project on the ‘Molecular Mechanisms of the Fibrocystin-ATMIN interactions in Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD)’.

Philippa takes on her first Marathon for PKD

On 8th April Philippa Harpham is running her first ever marathon and it’s all for the PKD Charity.

Matthew takes on the London Marathon for PKD

Matthew Smart is one of two lucky runners to receive a PKD Charity place in this year's Virgin London Marathon.

Deb the Donor gives Elaine a second chance at life

As the proud owner of a donated kidney I have a story to tell.

Mike takes on the London Marathon for PKD

Mike is one of two runners with a PKD Charity place in the 2018 London Marathon. Here Mike tells us what prompted him to take on such a big challenge for PKD.

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