Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling and inspire you to begin your life-changing fundraising. 

If you’re not sure where to start, then we’re here to help. Whether you have a fully-fledged master plan, or an idea on a napkin, we’d love to hear all about it.

Email our fundraising manager at or text/call 07715 664687 if you need help or have any questions.

A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

There are so many different ways you can fundraise - you’d be surprised at what you can come up with to raise money! We’ve come up with an A-Z of ideas to give you some inspiration.

A - Afternoon Tea

You provide the endless cups of tea (or prosecco) and guests provide the finger sandwiches and cupcakes. Host it at home or in a local hall.

B - Bake sale

The classic fundraiser everyone can get involved in and is really simple (or dare we say, a piece of cake)! Bring your friends, family, colleagues, and community together whilst supporting a great cause.

C - Car wash

Grab a bucket, soak a sponge, and wear some old clothes. Cars can get filthy. But where there’s filth, there’s fundraising!

D - Dinner party

Create a fancy menu and invite friends or family round for dinner. Dress up and ask guests to donate what they would’ve paid at a restaurant.

E - Egg and spoon race

Go old school and host a sports day, either in your back garden, local park or even your workplace. Ask for donations to take part in the egg and spoon race, beanbag on the head, three-legged races… and succumb to nostalgia!

F - Football match

Ask players to donate their time and ask spectators for donations. Shake a bucket and cook some half time food for extra cash.

G – Games night

Everyone loves a board game, so invite your friends and family to join with a donation to attend. And remember – no cheating!

H - Head shave

Just do it. Hair grows back, right? Gather everyone together and set up a livestream so the world can watch it happen.

I - International night

Spanish, French, Mexican, Japanese… pick a theme and explore another culture for the night with good food, music, dancing, games and movies. People can donate what they would have spent on a night out.

J – Jumble Sale

Who couldn’t do with a clear-out?! Sell your old clothes, shoes, and random things you just don’t need anymore. Why not get your friends and family to do the same.

K – Karaoke Night

Take your party to a new level of fun. Book a room, Zoom, or rent a karaoke machine for the night at home or a local pub, and ask for donations to attend.

L – Loose Change

Grab yourself a PKD Charity collection box and get friends, family and colleagues to empty their pockets. Pennies make pounds!

M – Murder Mystery

Dim the lights for a murderous night of fun. Set up a whodunnit yourself or download one online. Just ask for a donation to join in

N – Non-Uniform Day

Ask colleagues to get comfy for a donation. You can even go for a theme or ask everyone to turn up in their pyjamas.

O – Office Olympics

Wheelie chair race or wastepaper bin basketball challenge? You’d be surprised what games you can come up with to fit between meetings! People can donate per challenge or race.

P – Pub Quiz

A British classic. Set a date with your local pub and start thinking of questions. Get your friends, family and colleagues involved, and spread the word!

Q - Quit it

There’s never a better time to kick that habit. Whether it’s for a month, year, or forever, ask for people to sponsor your efforts to quit social media, swearing, sugar…

R – Raffle

Get in touch with local businesses to ask for raffle prizes (contact us for a fundraising letter of authorisation). You can even have the raffle at your pub quiz or afternoon tea.

S - Swear Box

A great idea for work or home. Whenever someone curses, they must donate!

T – Talent Contest

Everyone has a secret talent. Hold this in a local pub, community centre, school hall, or your back garden! Ask for donations to attend…or to avoid taking part!

U – Useful Skills

Handy with nail varnish or at DIY? Offer your skills in return for donations. You’ll have people queuing out the door for haircuts, manicures, odd jobs…

V – Video Night

Pass the popcorn and host a video night. Maybe have a sponsored all-night movie marathon? Ask guests to donate what it would have cost at the cinema.

W – Wax it off

If you’re not brave enough for a head shave, what about a wax? The more people donate, the more hair you have to have waxed! You’ll be super smooth when they’re done with you.

X – X marks the Spot

Organise a treasure hunt and leave a trail of clues around your office or whole town. Get people into teams and the first to finish wins a prize. A ticket to the treasure hunt costs a donation.

Y – Year Long Challenge

Give up booze for a year. Run a race every weekend. Read a book a week. Dedicate yourself to a challenge to rack up the donations.

Z – Zzz

Looking for fundraising ideas? You've come to the end of our list! If you've tried one of our suggestions, we'd love to hear how you got on and if you've tried more than one, you're due for a well-earned rest ‘til next time. Zzz!

Seasonal Fundraising

Looking for inspiration for how to raise life-changing funds throughout the year? Then take a look at our fundraising calendar for a full 12 months of making a difference!

January - Dry January

Give up alcohol for the whole month and ask people to sponsor you for the struggle.

February – Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box Raffle

Buy, or have a box of yummy chocs donated to you – then ask people to buy raffle tickets to be in with a chance of winning this scrummy prize!

March – World Kidney Day

Shout about your fundraising from the rooftops (or social media). It’s the perfect day to inspire people, raise awareness, and gather those donations.

April - National Pet Month

Have you got a furry friend to help you fundraise? Take on a dog jog with your four-legged pal, hold a pawsome themed bake sale, or a Guess the Name of an animal toy raffle!

May - National Walking Month

Gather your friends and family to join you on a sponsored stroll. Ask for donations to attend and help support anyone affected by PKD

June - International Picnic Day

Invite your friends and family to your garden or local park for a picnic to celebrate the beginning of summer! Ask for donations in return for your impeccable organisation.

July – Tour-de-Cycle

It’s not summer without the Tour-de-France in July, so design a local route and organise a sponsored cycle – you could even challenge your friends and family with varying distances to get competitive!

August - Sponsored Swimathon

Challenge yourself and your friends to see how far you can swim, or in how many pools/lakes/seas! Get competitive and have a race or even a relay!

September – PKD Awareness Month

Hold an event full of purple and green for PKD Charity. The more people who know about polycystic kidney disease, the more resources we can dedicate to finding treatments and a cure.

October – Halloween Party

Have a classic Halloween party at home with donations to attend, organise a zombie race, or ask colleagues to wear fancy dress for donations.

November – Firework Fancies

Host a Bonfire Night Bake Off and get as competitive as you like. Hold it in the office or with friends and family and whip up some perfect parkin, toffee apple cake or some firework fancies

December - Present wrapping

Some people hate wrapping presents, so take the pressure off by offering your fancy wrapping skills for donations!

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