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About Us

The PKD Charity was established in December 2000 by patients, professionals and members of families affected by PKD.

In 2015, the trustees agreed to incorporate the charity and the PKD Charity was re-registered with the Charity Commission (No 1160970). The assets and income of the original charitable trust (No 1085662) were transferred to the new charitable company on 27 May 2015.

Our Charitable Objects

To promote health and to relieve those persons suffering from or affected by polycystic kidney disease (PKD) with a view to improving their conditions of life, in particular but not exclusively by:

  • Funding research into determining the causes of PKD and into discovering treatments and a cure, with any useful results of such research being available to the public.
  • Promoting awareness of PKD through the production and publication of authoritative information for the general public and health professionals about the medical, healthcare and related aspects of PKD.
  • Organising patient, family and carer information, education and support events across the UK and offering personal support to patients and their families.

Board of Trustees

  • Mr Jordan Adams
  • Mrs Alison Carter
  • Mr Alan Greenberg (Chair)
  • Mr Raj Johal
  • Mrs Rebecca Murphy-Peers
  • Mrs Karen Stapleton
  • Mr Adrian Tinsley
  • Mr Nicholas Tracey
  • Professor Patricia Wilson

Research Advisory Board

  • Professor Patricia Wilson (Chair)
  • Dr Richard Sandford (Vice-chair)
  • Ms Sanela Becar
  • Professor Detlef Bockenhauer
  • Dr John Sayer
  • Dr Manish Sinha
  • Professor David Wheeler


  • Sir Vincent Cable
  • Professor Albert Ong
  • Dr Richard Sandford
  • Professor Pat Wilson

Administration and Fundraising

  • Ms Tess Harris (Chief Executive)
  • Mrs Madeleine Martin (Fundraising Manager)
  • Mrs Jane Pugh (Community Engagement Manager)
  • Mrs Susan Muirhead (Community Support Manager)


Phone: 020 7387 0543
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: 91 Royal College Street, London NW1 0SE

PKD Charity is a Member of

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  • Visit Ciliopathy Alliance website
  • Visit the Genetic Alliance UK website
  • Rare Disease UK Website
  • Specialised Healthcare Alliance Website
  • FEDERG Website
  • Visit EURORDIS website
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