PKD can be tough to deal with.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, have lived with PKD for years or care for someone affected, you're not alone, you've got us!

For information, practical advice or just someone to talk to - we're here to help.

PKD Support Groups

PKD Support Groups

For companionship and understanding, join a local or virtual support group. Owing to COVID-19, all meetings are currently on Zoom.

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Facebook groups

Looking for a friendly and private place to connect and share with others like you?

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PKD Helpline

Need to speak with someone in person? Find about our confidential helpline and other ways to get in touch.

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Information and support day event

Educational events

Come to a free educational event. Open to all ADPKD and ARPKD patients, families and carers. 

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Online workshops for up to 10 people, specially created for the PKD Charity.

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Financial advice

We know that many PKD patients, their families or carers face financial difficulties. Whether you can claim benefits or get grants will depend on many factors - such as your income, savings, living costs, stage of kidney disease or disabilities.

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All generations family


It can be difficult to find affordable insurance if you have polycystic kidney disease (PKD). However, there are a number of specialist firms who offer all types of insurance to those with pre-existing conditions such as PKD - but be prepared to pay higher premiums because of the higher risk of claims.

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Please contact us if you have a question or would like to chat to one of the team.

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