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Living well with PKD

Living well with PKD workshops

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Living well with PKD – a series of 4 online workshops

Louise Hankinson, Clinical Psychologist and Rachael Williams, Psychotherapist, have created a unique series of new online workshops for the PKD Charity on ‘Living Well with PKD’.

Places are limited to 10 people and you can register for up to 2 workshops. Each workshop will last 90 minutes. We will have a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Below are the topics which will be covered in the online workshops and the scheduled dates:

PAIN – Psychological approaches to living with pain (Wednesday 23 June, 7-8.30pm)

An opportunity to share your own experience of living with pain, what works, what doesn’t work. There will be a short presentation on some of the key concepts/theories behind Mindfulness and Acceptance-based approaches to living with pain. You will have the opportunity to practice, and reflect on this in the group through guided enquiry.

Register here for the PAIN workshop

ANXIETY and other emotions (Wednesday 21 July, 7-8.30pm)

An opportunity to look at the different ways in which anxiety might manifest itself – worry, panic, fear, rumination about past events, anticipatory anxiety about the future, and how to live with uncertainty. The aim will be to start to look at anxiety in the context of our evolution, and to explore different ways of responding when it shows up. We will do some practical exercises to explore ways of dropping our struggle with difficult feelings.

Register here for the ANXIETY workshop

RELATIONSHIPS (Wednesday 15 September, 7-8.30pm)

PKD impacts our relationships on many levels, both at home, at work, and beyond. We will explore the impact of PKD on others, and the challenges around having difficult conversations and sharing things. We will also invite discussion around how living with PKD, or living with someone else with PKD, affects intimacy, our self-confidence and our self-acceptance.

Register here for the RELATIONSHIPS workshop

DIAGNOSIS (Wednesday 13 October, 7-8.30pm)

Diagnosis may come out of the blue, or you may see it coming. It may come in a sensitive environment with people who are well equipped to share this news with you, or it may come as a throw away comment after a scan. Life changes at this moment. This workshop will invite people to share their experiences; we will invite discussions around genetic guilt, illness progression, the impact of diagnosis on family members, and making and accepting decisions around how and when to get tested.

Register here for the DIAGNOSIS workshop

The PKD Charity looks forward to you joining Louise and Rachael for this new programme. If successful, we plan to repeat the series. Louise and Rachel have also agreed to write some factsheets on the topics for our website.

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