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21k Challenge Hall of Fame – Spring addition

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A BIG thank you to all our wonderful supporters that took part in the 21k Challenge in April and May 2021 and raised a whopping £8,300 for PKD Charity. Our largest amount of money raised in this challenge yet!

21k Challenge Hall of Fame

Shout out to Sarah D, Louise E, Kevin, Catherine, Kate, Janet, Melissa, Gemma, Emily, Maliha, Zoe, Louise D, Sarah A, Lucy, Chelsea, Nicola, Laura, Russel, Zoe, Polly, Faye, Alison, Simon, Marie, Vicky, Louis, Allison, Georgina, Corale and Janette. You’re all PKD Superstars!

Your donations will help raise vital funds and awareness of polycystic kidney disease on our 21st anniversary and support PKD Charity’s core aims:

Thank you so much, we’re so grateful for your terrific support.

Sophia Rapley
Sophia Rapley