It can be difficult to find affordable insurance if you have polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Nevertheless, there are a number of specialists who offer all types of insurance to those with pre-existing conditions such as PKD - but be prepared to pay higher premiums because of the high risk of claims. And always read the small print of any insurance policy to understand the level of cover and the exclusions.

The following refers to insurance in the UK only. You must declare that you have PKD if you are asked. Insurers may or will refuse to payout otherwise, or may cancel your policy and keep your premiums.

Life insurance

Some insurers will just turn you down immediately, while others will exclude PKD from the policy. Premiums will vary depending on the type of life insurance, size of sum insured and also risk of a claim – which may be related to your job as well as PKD.

Remember that life insurance premiums rise with age. But it is still possible to take out life insurance when you are in your 50s, and some firms will accept you without medical or health questions.

Travel insurance

There are insurers who will insure you whilst travelling if you have PKD. It’s important that you understand what the cover provides and ensure that you are getting the right policy for your needs.

Try to arrange travel insurance well in advance but remember to tell the insurance company if your condition worsens or you are waiting for results of important tests, because this may affect the policy.

UK insurance companies

By law, we cannot recommend any insurer or financial services provider. However, we are confident that the companies listed below can help you. They have access to a large panel of leading insurers, so that you can compare prices and choose the policy that best suits your needs.

For every policy sold, some firms will give a donation directly to the PKD Charity at no additional cost to you. These firms already work with a number of charities like us on the same basis. But please note that we are not endorsing them as exclusive providers of cover.

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