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PKD Coffee Morning

Thank you so much for wanting to organise a PKD Coffee Morning or Bake Sale in aid of PKD Charity to start a conversation about PKD; we really appreciate your wonderful support. The awareness you generate and the money you raise really will be invaluable.

Here are some top tips on creating a great event:

Choose your venue - Whether it's your work reception, the village hall, or your living room; take time to think about the perfect set up.

Involve others - Ask for help with hosting, baking, pouring drinks and welcoming - it's much easier and more fun with a team!

Get baking - Cupcakes, tray bakes, fridge slices, homemade biscuits, the tasty list is endless! Why not make cookies in the shape of kidneys - or decorate your cakes in PKD Charity purple and green to help start conversations and raise vital awareness!

Raise Awareness - Have PKD leaflets and information ready to share with everyone who comes along

Make it look PKD perfect - Cake stands, purple and green napkins, flowers, bunting, charity display table, whatever takes your fancy to create a great atmosphere.

Fundraise - Have a donation box at your event, charge per bake and/or suggest an amount for attending. If you have the space and enough help, why not consider adding some extra activities to your event. This will add to your guest’s enjoyment but also help raise even more valuable funds too! Some ideas include:

  • Guess the weight of the cake
  • Cake Bake Quiz
  • Showstopper decorating competition
  • Guess the number of cookies in the jar

Make sure you don't have leftovers - Auction or sell off any left over at the end, so have bags or boxes ready to package up.

Tell everyone about your PKD Coffee Morning or Bake Sale - Don’t forget to make sure everyone knows about your fabulous event – send an email around, share it on your work intranet or noticeboard; put up posters in your local community, tell your friends and family by dropping them a text - and don't forget to share your event through social media!

Say thank you - Last, but not least, thank everyone: your guests for coming,  bakers, helpers, washer uppers, coffee pourers, door openers! Then get in touch and share your photos so we can post them on our social media channels with the PKD Community

Click here to order your PKD resources - and here for sponsor forms and our PKD logo for your Coffee Morning posters!

Thank you so much for your support and helping to make a difference, we hope that your PKD Coffee Morning or Bake Sale is a great triumph - Enjoy the coffee, tea and of course the cake!

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