Support the work of the PKD Charity with our PKD-branded awareness items.

PKDC eshop

PKD Charity eShop

Our PKD eShop offers a range of branded items, including wristbands, pins, trolley coins and pens.

We also sell bean-shaped jewellery - perfect for a loved one, to celebrate a kidneyversary or just to raise awareness of kidneys and PKD!

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Wedding favours

Wedding favours

Thank your guests in a unique and meaningful way whilst donating to the PKD Charity. Our PKD pin badges and wristbands, in organza bags, are the perfect finishing touch to your big day. 

Email our fundraising manager at or text/call 07715 664687 if you want to order items.

What about other celebrations?

You can also support us through any kind of celebration, whether it is a birthday or anniversary. Just get in touch and we can supply you with everything you need.

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