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PKD Christmas Wish

At PKD Charity, our Christmas Wish is to ensure anyone affected by PKD receives the help and support they need when they need it.

We would love to know what you want this Christmas. Whether you’re wishing for a pain-free break, a fabulous festive season, to spend time with old friends, remember a loved one, or to receive ‘The Call’ - make and share your wish, along with a donation if you like, and help anyone who needs us, at Christmas, or any other day of the year.

Every wish you make this year will help anyone affected by PKD through our support services, including our Information Days, helpline, webinars and meetups providing support in the community across the UK.

"Today I went to my first meet up. What lovely people. Learned about the whole process of renal failure, dialysis, transplant even bilateral nephrectomy. Really helps me put into perspective what lies ahead on my journey. Thank you to everyone today who attended and shared their experiences and also to the organisers. You are all such special people." Sharon, South Shields

PKD Charity is the only charity in the UK who exist solely to support those affected by polycystic kidney disease. We are a small charity, but with your help we can make a really big difference together to the thousands of people living with PKD in the UK today.  

Share your wish today to ensure no one will ever face polycystic kidney disease alone. 

Thank you.

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*To leave messages without a donation, manually enter £0.00 when selecting your donation amount.

Make a Christmas wish!
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