Download your sponsorship form and get top tips on how to spread the word about your fundraiser - to inspire your friends, family and community to support you by sharing your event details, fundraising goals and personal story.

Download your sponsorship form here.

Tips for boosting your Sponsorship Form donations

  • Take your sponsorship forms into work. Asking people personally always works best, but if you can’t do that, then see if you can put your forms on a notice board for others to fill-in - you could even make a poster to encourage colleagues to sponsor you!
  • Add your fundraising target to your sponsorship form so people know what you are aiming for – fingers crossed it might help them be a bit more generous with their donations.
  • Ask generous sponsors to donate first to set a great sponsorship precedent. You can increase your overall total by up to 5% by doing this.
  • Use a PKD Charity collection tin or box alongside your sponsorship forms in the workplace – keep it on your desk and encourage spare change donations. Email our fundraising manager at or text/call 07715 664687 if you need a tin or box.

Ask Sponsors to Gift Aid their donation

If your sponsors Gift Aid their donation, PKD Charity will receive an additional 25p from HMRC for every £1 they donate. To qualify for Gift Aid, the amount your sponsors pay in UK tax must at least equal the amount that PKD Charity will reclaim on the donation.

Download a copy of our Gift Aid Declaration if you need it.

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