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Do Your Own Thing

Fundraising during Lockdown – Do Your Own Thing

It’s a challenging time for everyone, here are some safe and creative ways to support PKD Charity during lockdown. Will you face your fitness fears with a static cyclathon? Or entertain your friends with a virtual pub quiz? Here are some ideas to keep you busy at home, whilst raising vital funds and awareness for Team PKD.

Saving Pennies

Are you saving money on your commute, cinema trips, or your daily take-out coffee? Why not set up a virtual collection pot and donate your savings. Whatever you do, no matter how big or small, we appreciate every penny.

Garden Run

Whether you run, jog or plod along the garden path - how far can you run in your garden!? Run a 5k, 10k or even a marathon (!) within the confines of your outdoor space and get people to sponsor you! Now that restrictions are relaxing, why not make up for all that time stuck indoors by getting back out there with a sponsored jog. Ask your family to form a dedicated socially distanced cheer squad if you need one.

Virtual Quiz

Recreate that pub feeling by bringing the quiz to your living room! Get in a round of (virtual) drinks and ask friends to pay to take part. Alternatively have a socially distanced quiz in your garden or outside. Don’t want to take on the role of Quiz Master? Join us virtually every Monday at 7pm in the PKD ARMS, either on your own or with friends and family, for just £2. 

Register here, find us under ‘Available Quiz Events’ by searching ‘PKD Charity, and then just before 7pm login and select 'pending quiz events' to enjoy the fun. Cheers! 

Bake Off

Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to a bake-off. Each person pays a small fee to enter and whips up a cake at home. Share a photo of your creation, pick your judges and get them to award a prize for the best-looking cake. And the best bit is you don’t even need to share!

Loose Change Collection

Find a place to store all your loose change like a jam jar or glass bottle and add to it what you can, when you can – it’s that easy!

Static Cycle or Sponsored Bike Rude

How far can you cycle?! Choose your challenge, and within the confines of your outdoor space get people to sponsor you to go the distance! Ask your family to form a dedicated socially distanced cheer squad to keep you going and ride like the wind for Team PKD!

Book Club

A virtual Book Club’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends while social distancing. Ask for a small donation to be a part of the club, select your book and set up a virtual meeting online.

Movie Marathon

Why not pick a movie or show with friends and family, start it at the same time - and group chat throughout? It's a nice way to feel connected and share something despite not being together.

And when you download or stream home entertainment via Give as you Live a percentage of your shopping will be donated for free to PKD Charity., we have time to watch Lord of the Rings from start to finish! Pass the popcorn and sign up today.

 Virtual Get-Togethers

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to video calls don’t worry, there are lots of easy to use platforms to use. Here are ones we’d recommend:

Houseparty (great for up to 8 people)

Google Hangout (better for big groups)

Zoom (best for even bigger groups)

Then to get started, simply choose your challenge, register your fundraising and set up a JustGiving page!

Any questions? For further information about fundraising during lockdown please see our Charity Fundraising Statement – Covid-19 or get in touch with Madeleine, our friendly Fundraising Manager at e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or t: 07715 664 687.

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